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March 13, 2012

                Wearing and buying organic cotton has a number of significant benefits for the consumers. Organic cotton reduces allergies to chemicals, stops poisoning the cotton workers, and protects the eco system. Customers must be given much awareness and knowledge of the advantages that organic cotton provides.

                One reason why organic cotton is healthy is because we will not be taking in all of those toxic chemicals utilized in the making of the product when we are wearing it close to our bodies.  People experiencing a range of health problems such as rashes, allergies, respiratory problems, and difficulties focusing mentally due to chemical sensitivities had been rising alarmingly. Many people who are diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities discovered that organic cotton is essential in the reduction or lessening their contact to the immense range of deadly chemicals that we are unsuspectingly exposed to each day. In addition, when we purchase organic cotton, we are supporting the hard work of the farmers who are making a difference and in their neighborhood and on our world. The famers and their families are able to acquire undeniable health benefits when they are focusing to go organic. In farming, cotton takes up 3% of farmlands in the world, but makes use of 25% of the chemical pesticides in the world. 25 to 75 million, universally, agricultural laborers endure from sensitive pesticide poisoning. Moreover, acquiring organic cotton is a good choice that will definitely benefit not only you but the environment as well. Plants and animal are affected whenever the bodies of water, air and soil are poisoned. Pests put up their resistance to the insect killers and stronger chemicals have to be used as time passes by. Organic cotton farming uses minor crops and other natural ways to manage pests, avoiding the requirement for damaging substances.

                Organic cotton is very essential for us and our planet.  Aside from the benefits of having quality life from organic cotton, the excellence of garments produced from organic cotton is also considerably advanced.  Organic cotton plants create stably extensive cotton fibers which yield stronger yarn and more long-lasting fabrics.  Chemical-free durable cotton also feels more supple, more breathable and comfortable on the skin. What’s not to love? Go organic now!

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