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Having Trouble With Shoe Color?

March 16, 2012

When trying to decide what color of shoes you want, you should consider three things: your personality, lifestyle, and comfort. Always remember that the color of your footwear is related to your attitude as a person and your current mood.

If you are a woman who is afraid or not comfortable with wearing a red shoe, then stay clear of them because these shoes require a certain level of confidence for them to be properly worn. If you want to venture out beyond a basic black or brown shoe, then take a look in to your wardrobe. See if you are more of a jewel-tone person or if you are more of an earth-tone one, and try to pick a shoe color that will complement your wardrobe. Another thing that you have to consider when choosing a color of your shoe is what you are more than likely to wear with that shoe. Considering a shoe that would be fairly neutral to a lot of your color palettes is important.

On the other hand, if you’re in to trying shoes that are not of plain colors, animal print is always a good choice. It’s also fairly neutral and it complements brown, black, red, blue, and purple. Furthermore, if you really are adventurous and want to go for a little sparkle, you can pick a flat shoe that has some slight embellishment, sequence, or any jewel that will also help add color to your wardrobe.


Those are just a few options that you can consider when choosing a color of shoe you want to wear. Never forget that these considerations are as important as having an oozing self-confidence. Now go out there and flash your stunning pair of shoes!

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