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Vintage Essentials

March 22, 2012

               Who would ever say that vintage pieces only belong to the museums and the antique shops?


For the classic enthusiasts, definitely your closet is never without these must have items: over sized sunglasses, slim belts, red stilettos, strands of pearls, laces silky and ruffled bloused, pleated skirts, floral sundresses, flared jeans, bangles, dangling earing, the polka dots, plaids, animal prints, and the long list continues for that ” very distinct of an era” paraphernalia.


A goldmine of vintage treasures and retro clothing can go back back to as early as the 20’s to the 80’s than can be unearthed from the flea markets, charity sales and even on online shops.Hollywood celebrities and important personalities have always great influence to these retro hunters.
Some classic collection that are usually among the favorites are the looks of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O. With an impressive range of eclectic choices of 1920’s flapper, 1930’s vamp, Edwardian, 1940’s swing dresses, 1950’s new look.


And who would not love ever love Vintage Clothing? The fact that you can get it cheaper because you can always find that from your great- great ancestors’ trunk,you will always have that feeling of being a part of certain era even just on fashion.It never goes out of style, because it is always TIMELESS.

            So , don’t be afraid to stack your closet with these beautiful treasures of the olden ages. One day, it might just give you one grand resurrection of a classic beauty, a real BLAST from the PAST

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  1. rrendon86 permalink
    March 24, 2012 6:45 am

    Oh I am loving vintage clothing and the combinations you can make with modern styles. It’s like dressing my barbie doll all over again except for me.

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