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Turn the Clock Back – Look Young, Feel Great!

March 23, 2012

Make-up is,  and always will be,  one of the best beauty tools to defy time and look young all the time. But being able to use the colors well is the only way we look great with it, regardless of how much we have. It’s all a matter of  techniques and strokes used by the pros to keep one young and timeless.

                   First off,  hair in “extreme” colors look unnatural if you want to look younger.  A few tone-on highlights will bring life to your hair, but too much of them could be dangerous. The same rule apply, “if it does not match the outfit, then it doesn’t fit.”

Eyebrows shouldn’t be over-tweezed – they make your face gaunter if they are. The lower lash line is a no-go zone since mascara and eyeliner always smudge there. Eyelash curlers (hold for 15 seconds) and mascara make lashes look beautiful, and eyes wide awake.

               Overdone eyes, either with too much eye shadow or too much primer, can make eyes look wrinkled. Eye shadow in once-“safe” colors, e.g. brown and bone, is now unacceptable – they make eyes look tired. Making eyes look brighter are the better sage and jewel tones. Also, remember that cream eye shadow slips into creases. Yucky!

              When using a powder blush, don’t stroke from mouth to ear – swirl on your cheeks instead. Cream and powder blush and foundations have different effects – be careful when you choose between ’em. Highlighter pens are better than concealer and too pale foundations can make you look pasty. 

Prime your lips before lipstick application and use a lipstick brush – it can help in spreading lipstick more evenly and easily. Dark and matte lip colors will only make you older and make your lips drier. A blended balm over a lip tint or stain in a not-so-dark color would be better and more moisturizing. Pale pinks and corals make lips fuller, just like how an LBD can make you look slimmer because of the depth of the hue.

                Finally, square-edged and mauve nails are fashion no-no’s – square-edged is old, and mauve makes you look old. Rounded nails and ‘greige’ ones are better, more sophisticated, feminine, and fashion forward.

And there you go! If you ever want to turn back time, the make-up way – remember to remember these tips.

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