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Create an Impression- Be a Head Turner

March 27, 2012

Not everyone can do it, but anyone can try it!

There are no strict rules in Fashion. Christian Dior never said his creation cannot go with a pair of Chuck Taylor’s, nor did Miuccia Prada stressed that her lines of shoes and bags should not be paired with distressed jeans. Anything goes as they say, as long as you can carry it with grace and passion.

           Confidence is the main element in pushing limits on personal fashion. Only courage within can bring someone to wear just anything, she feels good and comfortable with. Dress with sneakers, minis with combat boots, baby tee with lots of chains, dark tops over dark bottoms , a unique belt, varying colorful scarves daily, piles and piles of bangles, a jacket even on not so rainy day and a lot more appearances that may look appealing to many and disgusting to some, yet you carry it with much boldness. Who knows, the next day many people would try to wear the same wardrobe as you did or even more pronounced.

The best thing about it is that you have affected the less darer to come out of the public and appear before any crowd the look that they have been dying to be recognized with but just have second thoughts of doing so.


Self-empowerment is the key to complete the look, Get out of your comfort zones and be brave to put on something new. It is never too late, make people talk about how you look- Make a FASHION STATEMENT!

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  1. March 27, 2012 4:56 pm

    i also have a post on a fashion statement.

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