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Work it Out- Go Shopping

March 31, 2012

      This is good news to the ladies out there, who want to burn all those unwanted fats but don’t have the time or just don’t feel like hitting the gym.
Studies shows that, women can put away a great 48,000 calories per year by simply going crazy over a pair of shoes, a bag, or dress that you want for an occasion. A fact that every woman would agree that just by walking around the mall, your walk time increases-energy expenditures rise up.
Mall walking has been recognized in some countries as fun-free way of losing up to 400 calories per hour. And this is done with a “ balanced” pace around the building, some lunges, squats and stretching.
          So, why not give it try in the shopping malls?
Compared to jogging or walking outside, walking inside and going around every store is more a stimulating activity. What with all the nice stuffs around to look at and fit. And you don’t t have to worry about getting drenched in a rain or beat the scorching heat of the sun, because shopping –exercising will just save you from it.
So the next time you think about losing those extra pounds- go straight to the malls. It is actually hitting two birds with one stone: EXERCISE AND SHOP.

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