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Love to Dance and Loving the Shoes

April 1, 2012

                    Dancing means grace. Grace means elegance. Elegance is what fashion is.  Even in dancing, fashion defines what style should be. The dancing shoes gives the woman the additional spark and spunk.   There are different  kinds of dances though , and for every kind of dance there is a recommended shoe to wear.  And for most women who just love to dance, it is most important that these special tips be considered:
1. Be familiar with the anatomy of women’s shoes. These points are to be considered: Steel shank for added arch support, chrome–tanned sole for optional grip and slide on typical hardwood dance floors, lightweight construction to lessen foot fatigue, quick and easy snap closures on buckles, extra foot pad cushioning for more dancing comfort.

2. Know your needs. If you are into Latin or Rhythm dance, an open toed shoe or sandals would best fit, while for standard or smooth dances you may need the closed type of shoe. Latin dance shoes are usually open sandals with 2-3 inches heel and would be convenient for jive, cha-cha, samba and rumba dancers. Standard dances like waltz, foxtrot, or tango, pumps are advisable .Heels are lower than the Latin dancing shoe and are usually with straps for added support. And there are also the ladies smooth style pumps with open side with more support than a sandal, less than a standard pump which can be versatile for ballroom and Latin dances.

3. Take care of your shoes. Clean with mild detergent if canvass and just a damp cloth for leathers. Do not allow them to get wet. Only wear them to dance. Use heel protectors, brush the chrome after each use, and store it in a shoe bag.

Take care of the 28 bones, 107 ligaments, 38 muscles and tendons on your feet. Get a shoe that will not only stabilize your foot on the dance floor, but will cushion the foot from impact.

So next time you hit the dance floor be sure you have invested on the best Dancing Shoes.


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