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Get Tamed, Go Wild with Animal Prints

April 2, 2012

            Animal prints have been a constant eye attraction in the fashion arena. Tiger, cheetah, leopard prints, zebra stripes, giraffe prints, they come in all sizes, fabrics and design. Be it in a smallest pair of earing to a layering gown, having that print just give a classy and sassy design.

Wearing the animal print though can either make or break your total look. So here are some points how to just play it safe and still get that versatile look.

1. Best paired with neutrals. Khaki, browns, black, gray, cream and whites goes best with animal prints.You can never go wrong with these tandem.
2. If you are afraid to wear it in bigger prints, have it in smaller pieces. Have them in your belts, purses, hats, stockings, bangles, mittens, inner blouse or even a hankie.


3. Put your animal prints in the best feature you want to draw attention. You can wear a 5 inches leopard print pump if you want to show off your legs.


4. Do not overdo the look. You can wear a long dress, but leave it plain for the shoes and other accessories.


5. Don’t be afraid to play it with bold colors. Zebra stripes look great with lime, so is leopard print looks irresistible with hot pink

Bring out that beautiful, elegant and attractive woman. Feminine and sexy, yet strong and exudes power. Dare to wear Animal Prints.

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