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It’s All in the Nails

April 5, 2012

 Nail adornment has already been practiced as early as 3000 BC. Then, it was done with an enamel by the Chinese, Henna plant stain for Indian. But fashion continually evolves, and even nails have taken its share. In 19th century, when the Revson brothers made a major swift on the nail market by introducing to its many followers the use of enamel as nail polish, thus the birth of REVLON and became the trendsetter in beauty industry.

Nail art continued to improve as decades passed. And today, decorating the nails has become everybody’s concern. Nail art is has become the expression of celebrating life’s many faces. Happy moments are vividly drawn in the nails as flowers, rainbow, and fruits, or a choice of some gloomy colors to match your mood.

Many spa and beauty and relaxation hubs are now offering services on pampering individuals, and the nails are always included in the package. Many nail professionals have invested on nail art innovation. Women and even little kids love these creations. But for those who cannot stay a little longer in the spa, there are ready made nails with different designs to choose from. It is some “do it yourself” project that you will surely enjoy.

So whatever may be the occasion, wherever you may be going, whoever you are with, always express yourself with bold colors, intricate designs, funny cartoon characters, or some precious stones and adornment-it always reflect that you are a lover of art, ready to bring FASHION right at your FINGERTIPS.

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