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Polka Dot Returns in Fashion

April 8, 2012

  Yes, in the fashion scene polka dots may go away for a season, but it keeps coming back. It’s how polka dots are meant to be-an old time favorite.

But how did polka dots come its way? It was the eastern European immigrants in America who inspired the birth of polka dot. From their ethnic old time music of happy and upbeat tempo, a bouncing pattern was matched-the polka dot. Then, later on it appeared in a bikini found to be boring and so simple, so it was decided that it gets its share of change, thus the birth of the famous –itsy-bitsy yellow polka dot bikini. And it didn’t stop there; it went accidentally to Minnie’s skirt as an ink blot. Walt Disney saw this, and he got an answer – Minnie was to wear a polka dot.

Polka dots on dresses started in 1950’s fashion, inspired by the innocence and prosperity of the decade in American history it became an expression of carefree, innocent, happy and prosperous disposition among wearers .In 1970’s,fashion designers got influenced by the troubled decade. Even the polka dots were not spared, as it got scrambled over the previous year’s fashion. In the 1980’s just like the 1950’s, designers became optimistic. Fashion industry partnered with the economic upsurge as more have opted to become polka dot followers.

Today, we can find spots anywhere. In the bags, shoes, scarves, blouses, jackets, stockings, and many other accessories that boldly bear this standard happy pattern. Polka dots come in different sizes and colors. Dots paired with plains, floral and stripes. One thing is sure, polka dots are here to stays, so get your dotted piece now, and don’t be afraid to show the world, that what goes around comes around.

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