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Total Makeover-Do you need One?

April 14, 2012

                 What is Total Make-over? When do you decide that you need one? Stand before a mirror, take a look and assess yourself from head to toe. Have you been wearing the same hairstyle for all the years that you can remember? Are the clothes you are wearing giving you the plain and simple appearance that people used to see? Does your make up never give you an exciting look to expect? If you answered yes, then it’s high time to get one.

So where do you start? Check your hair. Do you still want it long or short? Do you need some curl or have it straight. Does a color or highlight will make a change? Then, See your Hairdresser.


What about your make-up? Don’t you think you need to be more updated with the new trends on blending colors? Have you been using the same color of lipstick for work and nigh clubbing? A professional beauty consultant’s advice must be needed.


Change of wardrobe does not have to be expensive. If you got tons of it, taking everything out of your closet is not a must. You just sort them out, and leave the pieces that you can still mix and match with the new ones. So head to the malls and get yourself something new to add. And don’t forget to update your collection of accessories to go with it.

Yes, add something New, Try something new. Have the confidence to bring out a new You.-that’s TOTAL MAKEOVER is all about.


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