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The Great Little Black Dress

April 19, 2012

                  “When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place”  Wallis Warfield Simpson, Dutchess of Windsor.


Strong line from a great icon of the fashion world in her era for the most versatile item a woman should have in her closet- Little Black Dress.

From being mourning dress during the early 19th centuries, the Little Black Dress paved its way to American’s Vogue magazine as Gabrielle “Coco” Channel popularized in in 1926.Then, it was just a simple black dress made accessible for all women in all levels of society. During the Great Depression It has become a uniform for civilian women entering the workforce. After the World War in 1950’s, Dior gave the Little Black dress a new look- still a uniform and symbol of sophisticated, elegant, confident, glamorous, mysterious- a dangerous woman.  

In the 80’s the LBD, has been spotted in Vogue again. And in the 90’s, the little black dress continued to be as popular as ever. Everyone remembered how famous Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s wore it with evening gloves as designed by Givenchy, Jacqueline “ O” Kennedy with her signature wide glasses ,or show off that little waist if you are a “s” size like Marilyn Monroe.

Today, get that little black dress as it continues to represent unmatched versatility, varied accessibility, and timeless Beauty. Bring out the best of your little black dress; pair it with red stilettos, gold purse, big pearls. Wear it to for work, walk in the malls or just drink the night away. Surely, you will get everyone’s attention. Cheers to the BEST DRESSED!


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