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Get Loose- Get that BOHO Look!

April 22, 2012

Are you tired of seeing yourself in those crisp, tailored clothes or that conventional white shirt-black skirt corporate ensemble? Do want to try to break the rules and just be free to put on something interesting and be carefree? Go for a little twist let your outfit breathe- The BOHEMIAN fashion is all that.

Here are some tips to help you get that Boho-inspired look. Boho basics:



Color: Play with earth colors- shades of brown, olive green, khaki, or some antique and pale colors like ivory, old rose , cream and sage.

Texture: invest on some crocheted pieces, frayed top Volume: choose tiered prairie skirts,gypsy –ruffled blouses, long broomstick skirts, flowing tunics

Length: go for longer skirts, tunic tops, long leather belts or sashes Pattern: look for ethnic prints, paisley, exotic florals, animal prints

 Boho Inspirations: Boho Luxe-a combination of bling and glam-precious stones, gold and diamonds, designer –inspired bags Boho Urban/Rock-get some studded accessories, the black thing-leather jackets, boots, chains, skulls Boho Sporty/Casual-hats, scarves, sneakers, multi beaded necklace, gladiator sandals, cardigans, bangles,tie-dyed shirts

Boho Classy: blazers blended with pearls and chain jewelries


Boho Vintage: inspired by 60s and 70s fashion-wide leg pants, kaftans, floral dresses

Boho Ethnic:  exotic flair of African prints, Indian bangles, shawls from Peru So many ideas, myriad of inspirations to choose from, pick your choice and just express yourself and be free spirited. That’s how Bohemian style started and got in the loose.

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