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Preppy and Pretty

April 22, 2012

Preppy look is a combination of class, fashion and elegance, It is the subtle version of sophistication since most women wearing this fashion are school girls, particularly highschool. The term was started in 1950’s but was popularized in the 80s when highschool girls  from middle-class families resented the elite but ended up putting up their own fashion in extreme. These girls dressed themselves well in a manner that exuded an educated and well-mannered female. The image was partnered with fashion in neutral and beige colors.

Preppy fashion gives a relaxing look, something the eyes won’t be irritated when stared.  There are couples of musts for this look:

Accessories.  Pearls are important whether it be earring, bracelets or necklaces.  Other stones may be ok but chose the smallest size. It will give a look of simplicity. Use bags that are small. Plains are good choice but prints are better. It should be preppy colors like light pink, beige, blue or purple.

Hair Pieces. Headbands make a good preppy look. They make the wearer dainty. Ribbons add to the preppy look. Modern preppy look can be fabulous as well even without such as well.

Shoes.  Flats make the preppy look. Some flat shoes look like ballet shoes with ribbons. Wedges and one-inch heels also for a classier preppy look. Men who are preppy goes for top-siders or classical loafers.

Clothes.  There a lot of suggestions for preppy look.  For men, polo shirts, knitted vests and knitted sweater plus khaki pants or shorts. Women are more preppy with skirts in khakis or with preppy prints. They can also wear dresses like simmer dresses, A-line doll dresses.

All in all, preppy means using color friendly outfit and properly worn. Added to that is a prim and proper attitude. This means not being loud and being snobbish. Like what they say, preppy means well mannered inside and out.

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