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How do you wear your BELT?

April 23, 2012

Belts have become a Fashion-fix it! An answer to every woman challenged on how to finish their looks. But belts can either break or make your total appearance .Here’s how to make it your best partner:

1. Put it in the right place. For best results, position it just above the waistline when you are a regular bust size , for short waisted,it would be best to put it lower than the waistline in front and waist level at the back. For the long waisted, placing the belt higher than the natural waist will be best.

2. Choose the best width. Wider belts emphasize a long torso, while a skinny belt can be safe for the shorter torso. Also, a wide belt can break up the line of a stiff dress, while a skinny belt can add drama to a layered outfit.
3. Contrast or blend. Don’t get it all wrong. A belt that will highly contrast your outfit will draw more attention to the waistline, while a low contrast belt will keep a not so defined waist just safe.
4. Embellished or Studded. Both are smart choices to deviate from the usual. Best accentuates a floaty patterned skirt.

5. Get them all, leathers, woven, elastic. You might just need them in the right time. Leather belts can give an interesting vintage look on a shapeless dress, woven belts notched and looped around itself can give a business casual twist, and elastic belts can move with you to any task during the day.
6. Try the OBI belt. With an Oriental touch this belt can do wonders and keep all unnecessary mess and lumps.
So next time you decide on an outfit, don’t forget to add spice on it, belt it up get that finished look and leave everyone in awe.

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