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Play it with COLORS

April 29, 2012

Color is an essential factor in many fields and disciplines such as interior design, visual arts, photography and most especially the fashion industry.

To understand more about colors, three things are to be considered: the color wheel, color harmony and the context of how colors are being used.

Elementary knowledge has it, that the color wheel can show us the primary, secondary and tertiary color groupings and that any combination of these colors can create a HUE.

Color harmony is another basic must know. This is a pleasing arrangement of parts; the flowers as a center piece, the paint colors used on the walls, or the objects around your photography subject.
Color context on the other hand is how we look at colors on how it behaves in relation to other colors and shapes.

Generally, the effect of colors have on each other is the starting point for understanding the relativity of colors. How we wear them, only shows that we have a full grasp that truly the relationship of values, saturations and the warmth or coolness of each hues can make a DIFFERENCE.

WHITE– a universal color. Can just go well with anything: A versatile piece in the wardrobe: white top can go with jeans, skirt or shorts.

BLACK-classic color: Best choice for bottoms. Can accompany you to a day event to more formal ones. Can give a matured look when paired with other dark colors, can give confidence for a more corporate look. Gray cropped blazer with black mini skirt.

RED-it catches attention: Brings out the best when paired within the family of red color: the maroons, pinks .Can go retro with pleated skirt, or young and vibrant with hot pink baby tee and mini skirt.

YELLOW-common color in fashion: Exudes Gay and youthful mood. For a striking look, compliment it with dark or lucid look- a yellow floral top over dark blue shorts.

BLUE-a popular color among men and women: pleasant to the eyes, blue tank top and jeans, or blue dotted pleated skirt and chiffon blouse.

PINK-Sweet color: feminine and warm. Pink V-neck and brown cropped pants or a pink shawl with your little black dress.

Colors affect our mood, our mood sets our day, and COLORS agree with it!

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