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The Red Luscious Lips Drama

May 1, 2012

                              Nothing is sexier than a woman having red and luscious lips. Red lipsticks are a woman’s bestfriend when it comes to this. Off all the shades or colors of lipsticks, it is the red one that makes all head turn as the woman enters the scene. The lips give a sense of sexiness, sultry and sophistication to a woman. When she smiles, everyone will seem to just be still. And when she talks with those red lips, all seem to have been captivated.

However, there are things to remember when using a red lipstick to give that sexy aura. First of all, when wearing a red lipstick then the rest of the outfit and the make-up should be light in color. This means that the more neutral the shades of the make-up and the outfit, the more focus there will be on the drama of the red lips. As much as possible, do not put lip gloss on the top of the lipstick, the more natural looking it is will mean that it more attractive.


When applying red lipstick, make sure that you use a primer. This will ensure that the red color locks in the lips and will last longer. For a balance color all over the lips, use a lip brush. Go darker with the upper lip as it carries the sexy shape of the mouth when the lady smiles and speaks. Putting a darker shade on the lower lip will make you sad. And most of all, if you think that the lipstick was too much for you then get a tissue to remove some color.


She who wears a red lipstick is the vamp in the runway. She knows what she wants and how she gets it. This is the transformation those red lips does to women who wear that. So if you want to have their jaws dropped when they see you, wear red luscious lips when you pass by them.


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