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Accessorize Right and Stand out

May 4, 2012

                   Turn your usual look to something that’s exciting and definitely a head turner.  Just as we have a lot of clothes, we don’t know if it’s right to wear them again and again. And sometimes, we have plain and simple clothes that needed some zest and spunk. This is why we go to what will rescue us – ACCESSORIES.


Go with your instincts when accessorizing. One should consider her mood to accessorize correctly. They should know what aura they intent to exude like formal, bubbly, dramatic, and mysterious or just stand-out simple. This way she gets to get the correct accessories that matches the kind of look she wants to have. The style should not be far behind. Style in accessorizing means identity like if you are an addict for bracelets, every look you wear should have at least bracelet as an accessory because it’s you identity and your style.


Stick to the basics most of the time like jewelries. If you want attention on other accessories, keep your earrings small. But if you want to divert the attention on the jewelries, wear plain or neutral colors for outfit. Match it with a shoes that will share equally in getting other’s attention.



Head accessories are very popular and very tricky as it will either break or make the total look.  If you chose to wear a hat, make sure that it complements the whole outfit.  If it does not feel right, then don’t wear one and just let the hair flow and look fabulous. Headbands are scene stealers depending on size. Wear a small one if you don’t intend everyone’s attention. “The bigger the headband, the braver the woman in her style”, this what they say.


So whether hats, sunglasses, bags, headbands, scarves, bracelets, belts, or jewelries, these accessories will not fail to make you a stand-out. Accessorizing will always make an old, plain outfit really exciting. It will turn a subtle and prim personality into someone bubbly and confident. A person who accessorizes much means brave in getting all the attention and the complements. Go ahead, be one!


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