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A Touch of Class and Lace

May 6, 2012

                  Since when has lace been in fashion? Lace making is an ancient craft. From the time of Greek and Romans, lace has already been used as ornamentation.

               Between 15th and 16th century, lace making have been a booming industry. In the 20th century many lace patterns have been revived and modified. Types of lace have been carefully identified: needle lace, white work lace, bobbin lace, knitted lace, crocheted lace among others.

And where did all the lace go?


Lace used to be a part in widow’s veils, royal wedding dresses and ladies underwear. But it greatly takes its fascination as more and more lace has been incorporated in many fashion collections. Lace reflects charm and glamour, feminine and very seductive. Now it’s used for fashion beyond what has been traditional. It becomes a part of modern and sophisticated fashion.


Basic things to consider when trying on Lace:

1.  Just enough of the Lace. Not much or too little. Sexy lace tights with a plain tee or tunic top. A peeking lace camisole underneath an office blazer can look sexy and glam.

2. Quality matters, for comfort and functionality. High quality lace can provide both.

3. Choosing the right color. White and cream laces are adorable, but trying darker colors can be bold. Try fuchsia, aqua or orange, they are irresistible.


So walk gracefully, whether on the runway or just the walkway, your lace will surely catch everybody’s attention.

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