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So Corporate and So Fabulous

May 16, 2012

Who says you can’t look fabulous at work?  When attending meetings, conferences or forums, there are ways to dress up and look more confident and corporate. To use wisely the colors that match the so called  “corporate” aura, means you can even dress your best even on days when just going to work.


Looking your best at work will impress others especially your superiors. When you are the boss, the way you dress up will inspire your subordinates to work harder. The way one carries himself or herself is the best way to know how they handle the position they have. So if one is messy in dressing up for work, most likely his or her working habits are the same.



There are ways to dress up more corporate looking. Black color is mostly used for this look. Blazers, pants and skirts are usually in black but paired with an inside white clothing. For women, blouses inside the blazers can be tubes, halters or turtlenecks. The skirts should be knee length and paired with high-heeled shoes.  The accessories put a statement to the whole corporate look. A pearl earrings whether dangling or not is best paired with a corporate outfit and a handbag that matches the dominant color of the outfit. For men, a white V-neck shirt or a smart casual T-shirt can be paired with a blazer. For meetings, nothing beats an elegant suit in black. A necktie finishes the whole corporate look.


So it doesn’t matter when your whole week is almost spent at work. You can still look fabulous as you want and stand-out. The best thing of course to pair a smart corporate look is competence and intelligence.

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