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The Denim Collection

May 18, 2012

Jeans cloth was first worn in cotton plantations –workers get up. It was in 1853,when Leob Strauss asked by a prospector to supply pants to the gold miners,that the use of waist over alls made of twilled cotton cloth from France called “serge de Nimes”, thus the birth of DENIM , a.k.a BLUE JEANS.

Today, Denim is going a long way, going places, going in every closet of men and women alike and both the young and old. Who doesn’t have a pair of jeans? Even a one year old can wear it. That’s what Jeans have become- a mainstay in every wardrobe set.

Jeans have become an all-time favorite. Through the years, its color may fade, its look outdated, but the more it gets to its best- always a priceless possession. From flared to skinny, from indigo blue to stone washed, high waist or low waistpaired with a sheer top or a crop tee, with boots or a peep toe, the jeans could always look amazing.


Here are some Denim Outfit Ideas that will surely make a LOOK:

1. Make it Double Denim-Get into skinny jeans with a chambray top, and lots of bangles
2. Grab your boyfriend’s jeans and pair it with a lace top.
3. Bring it to the workplace with a pink blouse and black blazer.
4. Summer jeans for the week end-a distressed jeans and a white crop top is always a cool pair
5. Faded jeans and stilettos- a surefire way to get attention.
6. Colored denim and bright tops are always a fresh deal.
7. Fancy denim wear-try it with denim skirts, a denim bag or a denim jacket.
The look is always versatile- Denim fashion-denim for any season-denim for all reasons.


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