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Posture Perfect

May 22, 2012

You may not be an aspiring Australias’s next top model, or a candidate to Miss Earth 2013 that needs to learn the ABC’s to having a good posture, but it should be everyone’s concern that maintaining a good posture, anywhere they may be, at any time of their life as it is as basic as your daily needs.


Study shows that having a good posture helps good thinking. Which posture helps you think fast? Doing mental math with your eyes on the floor, mouth open and slouched back, or while sitting up straight, mouth closed and looking forward or slightly upwards?


Good posture and wearing right clothes can make you look younger and slimmer. Clothes can hang in more flattering ways on persons with correct posture.
More importantly, right posture keeps joints and bones in proper alignment, thus preventing back and neck pain and stiffness.


More tips:

When you stand:
1. Your ears, shoulder, hip, knee and middle of ankle should maintain an imaginary line alongside of your body.
2. Imagine a string pulling your head up to the ceiling, while keeping your shoulders pushed back and down.
3. Stomach and pelvis should be tucked in.
4. Hang your hands on the side.
5. Distribute your weight evenly on both feet.


When you sit:
1. Create a 90 degree angle by placing your feet flat on the ground, knees, hips and ankles properly aligned.
2. Maintain a no-gap between your spinal column and back of chair. Provide small pillow if possible.
3. Maintain space between ears and shoulders by pulling your shoulders back and down.
4. Keep your chin in line with your chest.

So whatever you are into, always be in perfect condition, be posture perfect.

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