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When Cold, Wear Cowl

May 31, 2012

As the cold wind drifts by the following days, and you find your turtle neck as cold and as old as the history of winter, then a good alternative to those old woolies would be a cowl neck top. A Cowl neck top is a high loose-fitting turnover collar used especially for sweaters. It’s perfect for everyday occasion whether it’s for work, a girl’s night out, or a romantic date with your special friend.

The good thing about a cowl neck top is that you can have it shaped in various ways which could transform the overall look of the garment. If draped downwards, it elongates your neckline as well as the upper half part of your body. Meanwhile, if swathed off to a strong-straight across off the shoulder look, it gives a subtle but sexy look. From straight off shoulder look, you can also switch it to an off shoulder with only one side. Through this, you could show off one sexy look without loosing the elegance in you. Cowl necks are sometimes also sold as separates, along with other wraps such as shawls, capes, ponchos, and shrugs.

To have a killer look through cowl neck tops, consider these things:

  1. Refrain from wearing necklaces because they will just make you look more bulky.
  2. Choose earrings that are bold in size and shape. Bright and colorful earrings would lighten and glam up your look.
  3. When layering clothes, cowl neck top would complement perfectly with belts as it accentuates and shows off your figure.
  4. Don’t be afraid to play with colors when donning a cowl neck top. Any colors would suit well with your cowl.

Cowl Neck Tops are so cool for this season. Cowl neck is a classic; it adds something extra that a crew or V-neck can’t offer — a touch of indisputable feminine appeal.

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