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Turn up the heat this season: wear a scarf!

June 10, 2012

                  The scarf is a multi-purpose necessity this season.  It’s a way to keep warm in style which makes it the most practical accessory during winter.  They are always chic and often inexpensive. They can turn an ordinary outfit to an extraordinary style.


You can wear the scarf with practically anything.  You can wear it over a light sweater, or over or under a heavy coat.  You can wear it with casual jeans or corporate pants, or even with a skirt or a dress.


It’s also a fun way to add and play with color, texture and pattern to the usual winter ensemble of black, white and grey.  Use bright, bold colors to freshen up your outfit.  Animal patterns are good for a more daring and sophisticated look.  Choose odd shapes and patterns to make for a more interesting get-up, it can even be a conversation piece!


The fun doesn’t end there!  There are a number of ways to tie a scarf.  The possibilities are endless on how to work a scarf into your winter outfits, just use your imagination.  However way you wear it, a scarf can surely complement your look or totally transform it. Go ahead, scarf your way to fashion.

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