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Your Statement. Your Fashion

July 13, 2012

               Are you tired of your usual look? Being consistent with a favorable fashion, this might be the moment to do a closer reality check and find out if you are stuck in your fashion or can you still dig out of the old and into the new.

“I never have an outfit to fit the occasion or a thing to wear” persons are they really discontent? Yes and how many of us have said that in a life time we cannot go because we have nothing to wear. Go in the closet and look at the latest fashions and clothing we have, however, still our satisfaction for the style we want is not hanging in the closet.

Fashion statement means something that you can’t wear without like bracelets, hats or colors. It exemplifies you when others see that. The way you dress up, or what your statement is, will always be a good measure of the type of person you are. Therefore fashion statements are “statements” of what you are and what you want others to be. When people look at the way you look, they will always associate you with a particular character. Yellow, for one, is a happy color and when someone wears that, they are seen happy. Contrast to that is black which gives the wearer an impression of mystery and rebellion.

As people dress different and have a different fashions statement, when they get more mature will the stylish fashion statement stay with them? No. Teen fashions are a variety of spontaneous expression. Teen years will bring out variety, activity and new phases. And like aging, fashion also revolves and it coordinates with the age of the wearer. However in the later years the fashions will bring standard and authority.
So dress up and let all of them watch you.

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