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Go Organic!

June 22, 2012

In this modern world world, being sensitive with the environment and nature is really a must. It’s about time to give ecology an apology by showing the green factor in us. Fashion wise, going organic is such a big factor in helping environment and promoting green world. Organic cotton is the best element every fashion item should have.

Organic Cotton is basically a cotton which is grown using methods and materials that are not harmful in the environment.  Natural untreated seeds are used for soil preparation and healthy soil is used through crop rotation in soil preparation. There are no pesticides used in the production of organic cotton that is why there is a less chance of poisonous materials being leached into the ecosystem. Thus, the production of organic cotton reduces and maintains soil fertility, minimize the use of agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers. Certified third party organizations check regularly and verify that organic producers that they only use organic materials in an organic production. They certify that organic farms used approved methods and do not spray toxic chemicals on their farms.

Products that are made up of cotton are used in our everyday lives. The clothes you wear, sheets and blankets you use to sleep on, diapers used by babies are just some of the examples of organic cotton product. Choosing organic cotton is a good idea and a healthy choice not only for yourself, but also to the planet. It provides all the quality and texture that you need for an organic product. It feels good on your skin and leaves a comfortable feeling.

The next time you shop, make sure you ask for organic cotton as much as possible. By choosing organic cotton products, you can reap all the benefits of cotton’s beauty, comfort and strength while minimizing harm to the people and the planet.  Let’s also be thankful for our organic farmers who really make a difference to our community and to our planet.


Do the Updo!

June 17, 2012

Styling your hair is as easy as 1-2-3. You just have to know yourself, know what you want and in an instant, you can have a great up do. Every girl, woman is entitled to her own hairdo. It’s your signature, it defines you.

Here are some famous hairstyles which you can try on:

A gorgeous blow-out that gives blonde and black hair a groomed. A stylish option for long straight hair and long wavy hair. Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is exceptionally beautiful in her long and bouncy hair.

This hairstyle should come as no surprised to find that classic hairstyles also go a long way to defining the year. Hair type suited to long straight hair & long wavy hair. Jessica Alba has once rocked a night when she had her hair French twisted.

This hairstyle offers up a mood somewhere between easy and casual. It provided the perfect compliment to your own outfits. Less of a bun and more of a ponytail that’s been folded and looped under.

  • The tumble Tail

This stylish hair gives off the illusion of being a fish plait, but in fact there’s no braiding involved. The only thing tricky about this hairstyle is it’s appearance.

Branded as the “crowning glory”, our hair plays a very important role in maintaining beauty and confidence in ourselves. Most of the women consider their hair as the most important part of looking good. They believe that the hair helps define their beauty through having a shiny and stylish har. So to guarantee, a so to speak “Good Day”, gear up your senses and create the most fashionable look out of your hair.

Walk With Wedges On!

June 16, 2012

                 Shopping for shoe has always been a worthwhile task, formal high heels are a quite the shoe accessory for pleasurable nights at the club, a fancy dinner date, or formal events like a wedding, however we simply cannot wear it for a long period of time without putting feet through some stress and pain. That is why you should give high heel wedge shoes a try!

They bring a whole new dimension to your fashion wardrobe. These shoes are versatile in nature and thus go with all your outfits giving you a grand appearance catered to the comfort and fashion needs of the style conscious women.

Wedges are more comfortable for women with thick ankles and calf. It makes your calf and ankle appears slim gaining you a seducing appearance.

These shoes are versatile in nature and go with everything from flirty outfits to sexy and classy dresses, giving you the style you want.

  • These shoes are the best option to increase your height without any pain.
  • High heels increase your height but give pain when wearing them for a long time while wedges won’t be painful on your feet.
  • Wedge heel sandals are more forgiving than any other heel sandals like stilettos, high heels, kitten heels, chunky heels etc

With regard to comfort and style this footwear is a great bet for you. These are the much preferred sandals by women of all ages for their simple and sophisticated styles.

Tough Act. Leather Up.

June 12, 2012

           Leather seems to be one of the trends among celebreties the past few weeks.  Emma Stone wore a red leather dress at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jennifer Aniston was in a brown number at the MTV Movie Awards, and Zoe Saldana brought out her inner rocker at the Veuve Polo Clicquot Polo Classic.


Even top designers have a few leather pieces in their latest collections.  Emma Stone’s red leather number at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno was from Monique Lhuillier’s Fall 2012 collection. Gucci’s Fall-Winter 2012-2013 collection incorporated leather with silk and lace.  Hermes has a number f leather in its Fall-Winter 2012-2013 collection as well.


If you have always wanted to try wearing leather, here a few tips:


•    Start with leather accessories.  If you are still a little hesitant about wearing leather clothes start with leather accessories first like boots, headband, gloves or leather cuffs.
•    Invest in versatile pieces like leather jackets, skirts and pants.  You can wear them time and time again, plus they are easy to mix with other items in your wardrobe.  Wear a leather jacket over a feminine dress for that sexy but rebellious look.
•    Wear one leather piece at a time.  Don’t overdo it; you don’t want to look like Catwoman.
•    Only wear a leather piece that is suited for your body type and make sure it fits well.  Leather is form-fitting and clingy so make sure it shows off only the right curves.  As with any other material, you will only look awkward if you wear an ill fitting piece.
•    Wear leather with a contrast fabric, it creates a more interesting look.  A few examples of contrast fabrics are lace and cotton.  Don’t wear it with similar fabrics like suede and sheepskin.
•    Don’t forget to wear leather with confidence!  Fake it if you have to.  You have to have the right attitude if you want to look great in it!


Go ahead, be daring! Wear leather and bring out the rocker chick in you!

Fashion Says No to “Winter Itch”

June 11, 2012

          Dry, itchy skin is a common problem in the wintertime. So, what causes dry, itchy skin?


The harsh, cold wind and low humidity in winter depletes our skin of its natural oils. The dry air from heaters also sucks moisture from our skin. When our skin loses some of its protective oils it loses water making our skin dry. When there is not enough water in the outermost layer of our skin, it causes small cracks leaving the underlying layer exposed to irritating particles in the air. Itching is caused by these irritating particles.



Tips on how to prevent dry, itchy skin:


• Hot showers or baths will only draw moisture out of the skin, take lukewarm showers or baths instead and limit them to 5-10 minutes.

• Some soaps can be drying. Use a moisturizing cleanser with low pH as they help restore the skin’s moisture balance. Avoid cleansers with fragrance as fragrance tends to irritate the skin.

• After showering or bathing, pat the skin partially dry. Do not rub as this may also rub off natural oil from the skin.

• Apply moisturizer within three minutes after getting out of the water. This seals water in the skin before it can evaporate. The goal is not to keep adding water to our skin but to seal it in. Body butter works best in cold weather because their thick formulation has the greatest ability to trap moisture in the skin. To avoid the greasy feel of body butter, apply a small amount and rub it well.
• Exfoliate once a week. Moisturizer is more effective on regularly exfoliated skin. (Try using an oatmeal scrub; aside from being a gentle exfoliant, it is also hydrates dry, itchy skin.

• Give special attention to exposed skin, like the face and hands. Always moisturize hands after washing.

• Installing a humidifier or placing bowls of water near heating vents help counter the dry air from heaters, thus increasing moisture in the air indoors.

If these don’t stop the “winter itch”, see a dermatologist.

Turn up the heat this season: wear a scarf!

June 10, 2012

                  The scarf is a multi-purpose necessity this season.  It’s a way to keep warm in style which makes it the most practical accessory during winter.  They are always chic and often inexpensive. They can turn an ordinary outfit to an extraordinary style.


You can wear the scarf with practically anything.  You can wear it over a light sweater, or over or under a heavy coat.  You can wear it with casual jeans or corporate pants, or even with a skirt or a dress.


It’s also a fun way to add and play with color, texture and pattern to the usual winter ensemble of black, white and grey.  Use bright, bold colors to freshen up your outfit.  Animal patterns are good for a more daring and sophisticated look.  Choose odd shapes and patterns to make for a more interesting get-up, it can even be a conversation piece!


The fun doesn’t end there!  There are a number of ways to tie a scarf.  The possibilities are endless on how to work a scarf into your winter outfits, just use your imagination.  However way you wear it, a scarf can surely complement your look or totally transform it. Go ahead, scarf your way to fashion.

Party Rock Clothing

June 2, 2012

There’s no other way to make the most out of this season than to party at night with your cool and perky friends by wearing cool party dresses. Wondering what to wear? I’ve got you’re back with these trendy and fashionable tips that are perfect and sure head turners.

  •  The Animal Print

Lovely ladies with lucky tanned colors should steam the whole place by flaunting an animal print mini dress. This will surely add fierce to the cold and gloomy aura in the area. Yes, the pattern is wild but its subtle royal marriage with your complexion gives it a steamy, sexy factor in you.


  • The Simple V-Neck

Plus-Sized women should never be worried when partying ‘cause a simple V-Neck dress is enough to rock out any occasion. Simple V-neck dresses in dark cool colors sett off your elongated neckline resulting to more seductive rather than distractive.


  • The Glitters

Who couldn’t catch a woman who’s literally shining and shimmering?  All that glitters is not gold, but all who glitters on a night seems to be more precious than gold.  Emblazoning with sparkles on your dress would lit up the whole occasion making you the most distinctive from anybody else.  May you be skinny or average-sized women, you’ll twinkle on a dress full of sequins.

  • The Candy Themed

Whether you’re a teenager or young at heart, candy themed dresses would surely light up your whole night. Bunch of boys, would certainly crave more of your sweetness and beauty.

  • The Peekaboo

If you’ve got the body of a Miss Universe-Australia, then showing some skin and your physique is a delight to everybody. Peekaboo cutouts and a flirty peplum give a strong bod feminine flair. Don’t worry, you’ll surely be hot throughout the night despite of the frosty condition.

To guarantee an absolutely stunning look, choose the best accessories and the perfect heels. Remember, the highest your heels are, the most flattering it is. So phone your friends,  wear the perfect dress and head to the coolest and most fun party place on the planet!