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Vintage Spring & Summer fashion

September 27, 2010

So the trends showed yesterday were defined in London for the Autumn / Winter season, so I decided to see if any of those trends were spilling over into the fashions for the Spring or could at least be adapted to the Spring / Summer.  So I set out to see what I could find in the way of 50’s style dresses, 50’s style skirts and lace.  We love this vintage 50’s era at Covelli.  Perhaps it is time to get your Vivien Holloway floral dress and your Poodle skirt?


They feature bold summery prints, pinched waists, big skirts and classic halter or strap shoulder necklines.  I am going to love summer when these come in.  Unfortunately in the high street stores at the moment we are seeing a lot of utility type summer wear, which reminds me of my safari Barbie Lol!

Dolce & Gabbana Summer 2011 dresses. Vogue UK

Poodle Style Skirts

But don’t forget the big skirts, these are reminiscent of the poodle skirt, but feature a Flemingo instead, it is a lovely satin style material which would be super fun to dance and spin in.

Guess Vintage Chic full skirts, from Fashionising

So Much Lace

There is plenty of vintage lace looks going around, but it is spread across the decades, from 80s style lace dresses that show off underwear right back to pretty little lace dresses and everything is covered, shorts, tops, jackets, you name it!  So this season it looks like you may well be able to get everything you want in lace!  Perhaps it is therefore time to upgrade your lingerie!

Dolce & Gabbana Lace Fashion. Vogue UK

Here is another vintage lace look from Flair Magazine:

Lace feature, from Fashionising.

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