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July 7, 2012

Universities are the melting pot of Fashion. It consists of students with different personalities.  It teaches students to discover their true identity and with that come some pretty awesome trends and friends.  Therefore, Universities are the best place to draw unique fashion styles . Check these cool list of students and their fashion sense:

The Geeks

Big and round eyeglasses, scarves, blazers and books are just a few that comprises geek fashion. Undeniably, these are the ultimate brain of the class who don this type of fashion. They say, geeks are the wallflowers in the school but they usually get the most attention from the most dashing guys because they say Geeks are the new sexy.

Blair Waldorves

If you are a fan of Gossip Girl, you would know that a school would no be complete without a Queen Bee and the Wannabees. They give life to the school with their sparkling and eye catching outfits plus their itchy-bitchy moves. These are the type of girls who pay less attention to their books but give extra-ultimate time searching for the latest trends.

The Rock Stars

Behold those big, black, round eyes! Rock stars are the gothic creatures. They rock clothes which are body hugging with metal-spiky objects encrusted on it. Black is their favorite color and they like to have the funkiest hair in the school. They may move like Tina Turner, but they say that they are one of the most romantic.

Universities are indeed the best place to grow and discover your true identity. Having different personalities and styles inside the campus is a very good thing. It signifies diversity and it promotes respect to each and everyone inside the campus.

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